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  • 2011-2050: "Experience is the new reality. A person can have multiple identities. TV is only on demand. Radio goes on internet. Google buys Microsoft. Amazon buys Yahoo. Copyright is illegal. Reality is replicated in Second Life. Everyone has an Agent Avatar. Virtual Life is the biggest market on the planet. The power of the masses. Blogs are more influential then the old media. Devices replicate the 5 senses to experience them in virtual reality." Far from the future?

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  • @VirginTrains I am and it'a very very slow so I have given up using it or doing any work and switched to my 4G. Also no power in sockets. 6 days ago
  • @VirginTrains how do I get a refund for the wifi day pass I purchased? Your wifi service is not working. Slow and disconnecting. 6 days ago
  • Facebook Instant Articles and Snapchat Discover haven't paid off big for publishers, a study shows — Quartz qz.com/894518/betting… 1 month ago

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